Teen birthdays, Family Parties, Mature Birthdays

Outside the Wedding market, this is probably our most popular and most requested type of function. As I have already said, we do our best to cater for everyone at our events, so it is always useful to know the age range of the people that are likely to be there. If you haven't done so already, please visit our 'testimonials' page and view some of our latest genuine feedback.

Teen Parties

If R&B is your thing, we've got it here. If you are more into house, soul, chart, disco, cheese or just general party tunes, all you have to do is ask. We have attended literally hundreds of parties over the years, and there are very few problems that we have not come across that we haven't been able to resolve.

Should you have particular favourite artists, if you can let us know in advance of your function it gives us time to make sure we have particular tracks with us. Try to avoid long lists of songs though, as the best functions that we have attended are where we have been able to go with the flow and play music that feels right at the time and dropping in requests from the floor. I have never prepared a playlist in advance, because if was that simple I would just play the same songs every week! Every function is unique, and your function deserves the individual attention that it will receive whether it is your eighteenth or eightieth.

Mature / Family Parties

Should you and your guests be of a more mature age, then fear not, help is at hand!

Although we are more than happy to provide music for almost any function, the music played can vary wildly from one engagement to the next. This is of course because the function and the age group of the guests at any function can vary just as wildly. For example, you wouldn't expect to hear the same music being played at an eighteenth birthday party as we might play at a Golden Wedding Anniversary. Having said that, we do try to cater for everyone where possible, but at the same time never forget whose function it is. So whichever end of the age spectrum you find yourself, believe me, we will have catered for your kind of function and age group before, so you can rest in the safe knowledge that we are unlikely to get caught out by not having the right music for you and your guests. We also have a fully functional volume control that turns down as well as up.

Children's Parties

The main thing to remember with younger children's parties is that it is always best to avoid Saturday late afternoon / early evenings if you can, since it takes just as much effort to set up a function for two hours as it does for five. Also, because Saturday evenings are the most sought-after diary dates, it can make the function unnecessarily costly, especially if catering for a small number of children. Just ask, and we will give you a no-obligation quote and some friendly advice.