Weddings, Christenings, Anniversaries


Putting your Wedding with us is putting your function in safe hands. We negotiate all of the variables with you directly, from discussing your first dance (and when that might be) through to when and where the various breaks (if any) will be. We organised our first function in 1974, so I think that it is pretty safe to say that we know what we're doing.

One word of warning though. As appealing and original as it might sound, a not-so-good idea that some of my clients have come up with in recent years, is to send out a letter inviting their guests to return a list of songs that they might like to hear played. Generally speaking, you will get lists of songs back that are either not appropriate, unsuitable to dance to, or that just won't fit together. After all, if a song is that good, it will be usually be played anyway! At the end of the day, a good DJ will have the same goal as you, that is for you and all of your guests to have a happy and memorable evening, and to make them dance their socks off!

Through the Summer, we are providing music for at least one Wedding every weekend, and after several hundred functions, it is interesting to note how frequently the same songs are asked for. If you have a predetermined list, there is no room to fit in more suitable songs, current songs, or requests from the floor. If you still want to send out for requests, it's OK with us. Just don't say we didn't warn you! BY FAR the best functions are those where you play songs that fit the moment, where we can mix in a random selection of requests from the floor, and blend the songs together. This is what any self-respecting DJ will do, because he's being doing just that for years. You can never be totally sure what frame of mind your guests will be in at eight, nine or ten o'clock, or what song they would want to hear at that time, so it is always better to play the song to fit the mood at the time, and a rigid predetermined playlist doesn't allow you to do this. It also makes your DJ's job much more difficult. It's like giving him ten compilation CD's and saying 'play the whole evenings music from these'.

One thing you can be very sure of is that we won't play inappropriate music, or blast your guests out of the function room with music that is too loud. We usually start with background music to put you and your guests at ease after what will no doubt have been quite a stressful day, then gradually lift the music and do our best to encourage your guests on to the dance floor. In our experience, you don't do that just by turning up the volume. There is also a radiomicrophone on hand, which you can use for speeches or announcements should you so wish, or of course we can make announcements for you.

Finally, please note that we are a professional discotheque, and as such do not use a laptop computer, I-pods or home hi-fi equipment to play our music. The accent is on quality, which we have been providing for over thirty years, and all equipment used is of radio broadcast standard.

Christenings / Anniversaries

As functions go, Anniversaries and Christenings tend to be similar in structure to Weddings. Whether you have breaks or not is entirely up to you, but usually the music dips in volume midway so that if your guests do have access to a buffet, they can chat and catch up with friends whilst enjoying the surroundings, hospitality - and the music!

Again, there is always a microphone on hand if you would like announcements made.